Copernicus Test Animation

This is a test scene I received from Copernicus Studios and completed by animating the rig. All assets are property of Copernicus Studios, the animation by myself. I had a lot of fun animating this rig, even if I didn’t get the job. 🙂

Business Cards and Resume!

I finally completed my updated business cards and resume to take with me to the CCAD Internship and Job fair, so I figured I’d post them here!


Here’s my updated resume (you can tell I’m a big fan of zigzags), and here is my updated business card!


I tried my best to match it to my theme for this blog and fit with my resume as well so it would all look good together!


2D Animation Reel 2016

This is my most recent reel. All animations were created with Toon Boom Harmony; storyboards and animatics created in Photoshop and edited in Storyboard Pro. I had a great time combing through all my most recent finished works to pick out the clips I liked the best to compile into this reel, I hope you enjoy it!